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About Reluma
Developed by Invitrx Therapeutics, a biotech company specialising in stem cell technology. Using their expertise to develop innovative products used in aesthetics, wound closure, healing and plastic and reconstructive surgery. Their initial focus was on skin grafts using stem cells. Their studies showed that growth factors and cytokines (proteins) produced by stem cells had just as much impact on Swiss Replica Watches healing as the stem cells themselves. It is these growth factors that ReLuma contains.
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  • ReLuma is the first bio-tech skin serum featuring Multiple Skin Growth Factors and Matrix Proteins which is redefining skin care for the 21st Century.
  • Compared to similar products ReLuma has more than 387 Growth Factors. Similar products have fewer than 9.
  • ReLuma rapidly helps diminish the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and cumulative sun damage by replenishing the skin�s natural resources of growth factors and proteins that can become depleted with age and environmental stressors.
  • ReLuma repairs damaged cells and regenerates new tissue. It also replaces the concentrations of Skin Growth Factors that have been lost.
  • ReLuma is a natural anti-inflammatory. A.Lange & Sohne Replica
  • ReLumahelps even skin tone and lighten pigmentation.
  • ReLuma naturally supports the skin�s self-repair process. It helps boost and accelerate skin renewal for post non-invasive and invasive procedures.
  • ReLuma is ideal for people that use Retin-A, AHAs, or for people that have had more invasive procedures such as lasers, medium/deep peels, and plastic surgery.
  • ReLuma is uniquely formulated with multiple Skin Growth Factors found in natural human skin produced by patent-pending technology.
  • ReLuma impacts every layer of skin, from the production of new collagen to the formation of new capillaries.
  • ReLuma is the next generation in age-defying skin care. It helps recapture the youthful luminosity of your skin.